Nonprofit Document Scanning

You need to squeeze the most out of every resource to maximize the impact of your nonprofit. Why squander the energy and passion of your staff and volunteers on a task like document scanning? Modern Image Atlanta helps nonprofits organize their offices, reduce unnecessary paperwork, and find new ways to search and use data effectively. Let us handle document scanning so your team can do more with its time and resources.

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Benefits of Document Scanning for Nonprofits

  • Digitize files of donors and volunteers
  • Create searchable, indexed databases of digital documents
  • Use more data in fundraising and donor management software
  • Create online archives of newsletters, reports, and PR materials
  • Protect the legacy of historical documents
  • Eliminate file cabinets and increase office space

Secure Financial Document Scanning Services for Atlanta Businesses

It might be tempting to ask volunteers or staffers to scan everything in your file cabinets and archives, but you can accomplish more with your resources by leveraging the expertise of our nonprofit document scanning team. We can process literally millions of pages with pristine quality and accuracy in a small fraction of the time it would take your team to attempt the task.

Our consultative approach ensures that you get a custom solution, not a one-size-fits-all approach meant for the business sector. See our nonprofit case study to get an idea of how our service not only does the job on-time and on-budget, but offers added value by making data and information digital, searchable, cloud-ready, and secure.

Modern Image Atlanta has helped numerous nonprofits improve their organization with document scanning and digitization projects. What could your team do with more office space and a significantly simpler way of accessing documents?

Our Process for Document Scanning for Nonprofits

  • Free pickup
  • Boxes and packing services available
  • Tracking and security throughout transport
  • Document scanning by vetted, background-checked employees
  • Industry-leading scanning equipment from Kodak and Fujitsu
  • PDF, TIFF, and JPG secure document imaging
  • OCR to make text searchable in image files
  • Document shredding or storage options available

We can help your nonprofit group with document scanning solutions that help you get organized, integrate old paper records with modern software, and save money during the process.

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