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Insurance Document Scanning

Document Scanning For Atlanta Insurance Companies

Atlanta insurance companies handle all kinds of vital information. From sensitive data surrounding their clients to financial reports and personal employee info, these offices and their databases are a virtual cornucopia of confidential documents to which only a certain group of individuals should be privy.

Promoting a secure way of keeping these records and information should be a primary concern for insurance companies in Atlanta and elsewhere. Storing hard copy files of such sensitive data is quite risky. The ability to breach secure storage of hard copies, and even some digital documents, is always feasible. Securing insurance documents through digital storage makes much better sense.

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Securely Scan, Organize & Digitize Your Documents

Modern Image can scan your personal and confidential documents in a way that provides peace of mind for you and your clients. Our protected method of document scanning ensures insurance companies, and other businesses, in Atlanta and across the nation, a failsafe way to take hard copy records from your files, digitize those documents, and either destroy and dispose of them, or return them to your place of business for you to do with them what you will.

For well over a decade Modern Image has been providing clients from all walks of business life with a safe secure way to handle their sensitive data. Healthcare companies and medical offices, law firms, financial corporations and government offices trust Modern Image with their document scanning. Our customer satisfaction is built on trust and a job well-done.

  • Automobile Insurance Companies
  • Health Insurance Companies
  • Renters Insurance Companies
  • Homeowners Insurance Companies
  • Life Insurance Companies
  • Umbrella Insurers
  • And so much more

How Document Scanning for Atlanta Insurance Companies Work

We’re committed to high quality and cost-effective document scanning in order to help you become better organized. Our team of professionals will meet with you, assess your document scanning needs and provide you with a quote. Upon your approval we will collect your hard copies in a 100% secure manner and transport them to our protected facility in metro-Atlanta where they will be scanned, and returned to you, or destroyed, as is your wish.

With all of your necessary records organized and available at the click of a button, anywhere your company has an office, you’ll never have to worry about misplaced documents or erroneous information. What’s more, scanned and digitized records are less apt to be compromised as you are able to provide security assurances on many levels via password protection.

Modern Image, Atlanta is committed to our customers and our community. We listen to your needs and provide the highest quality solutions available. Modern Image serves all of metro Atlanta and the southeast region. !! We’re dedicated members of the National Association of Professional Organizers (Georgia chapter) and are recognized as leaders in helping our clients find the safest, most secure way to digitally store and organize there most sensitive documents.

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