Historical Document Scanning

One of the more invaluable services to come out of the information age is the ability to scan original documents and make them available for all to see, as well as store the scanned version of these one-of-a-kind items in a central location, for easy access. This will allow you, your associates, or members of your community to to safely house the originals, preventing damage and degradation to these priceless documents.

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Scan and Store Historical Documents Digitally

Historical document scanning makes it easy for colleges, libraries, museums and archives to share these precious texts with those who wish to view them. Never before has it been so easy to make these items available to a broader audience, and share the knowledge. No longer are priceless tomes, periodicals and papers regaled to a vaulted storage room for fear of damage. Before your historic, and often quite aged, pieces of the past turn to dust, you’re able to preserve them for future generations.

Why Choose Modern Image Atlanta?

At Modern Image, we make it easy for you to take advantage of our historical document scanning services. Located in Marietta, GA, we provide scanning, digitizing and file management services to those in the Atlanta area and beyond. Since 2006, we’ve been the area’s expert in digital storage, scanning, and document management.

Among our many satisfied clients, we count medical offices, law firms, accounting businesses and government agencies. We set the bar when it comes to professionalism, by providing you with the utmost in secure historical document scanning.

Share your History Digitally

Because your documents carry historic significance, it’s essential to make them available for one and all to peruse and appreciate. However, due to the priceless nature of these storied pieces of history, it’s necessary to keep them under lock and key, vaulted in an atmosphere that won’t enhance the natural degradation and aging process.

This presents a dilemma, as those who would benefit from studying these actual pieces of historic value, can’t. Through historical document scanning, it’s possible to preserve these valuable texts and pictures, while making them available to view, read and study, in their original form.

Government agencies have started implementing the practice of historical text and photo scanning and so can you. For museums, libraries, community centers, and universities, historical document scanning opens doors previously only a select few were allowed to open.

For more information on historical document scanning, or any of our other services, contact us at Modern Image. We’ll be happy to set and appointment to meet and provide a free estimate for your scanning project.

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