Remember When?: Photo Scanning To Preserve Your Memories 

Posted On December 29th, 2020

Stuffed in the corners of our basements and attics are boxes filled with armies of old photographs. If you’re like me, these boxes are covered by cobwebs and dust and probably haven’t been touched in years. Now, this doesn’t mean that these photos are not necessary; quite the opposite. These cherished memories are so ancient and delicate that it’s a risk every time you pick them up to reminisce about the past. But what if it doesn’t have to be this way? The good news for you is that it doesn’t have to. 

At Modern Image, you’ll be able to scan all of your precious photographs, slides, and even negatives! Scanning your photos is simply the process of taking your pictures and digitizing them into a digital file. This will allow you to hold onto these loved pictures of the past you once lived. 

It Was Old, And Now It’s New: The Restoration Of Memories

It’s no secret that over time everything will experience some form of damage. It may be simple wear and tear, or it could be Grandma spilling her daily cup of tea across her family photo album. Whatever the damage may be, Modern Image can fully restore your photographs and negatives before scanning them into digital files. This will not only give you the scanned file that will last forever but the original picture fully intact. 

This simple process of restoration will keep the photographs you’ve cherished for so long in your life for countless years to come. Modern Image knows precisely how valuable your photos are to you, so that’s why we treat each and every photograph or negative with the same delicate touch, thus making sure that no more damage is caused to your adored photos. 

Nothing Lasts Forever…Or Does It?: Keeping Your Photographs Forever

With photo scanning, your photographs and negatives will be transformed into digital files that can be uploaded to your home computer and kept forever. This allows the opportunity to look at them whenever you feel like, all while having to avoid going down into that creepy basement or attic of yours’. 

This process also eliminates any concerns of what would happen to your photos or negatives had your basement flooded or if your roof collapsed. Photo scanning is the most optimal way of preserving both the photographs of the past and the photographs you hold of the present. With Modern Image, you’ll never have to be scared of losing your photographs or negatives. 

Send It To Grandma!: Creating A Digital Scrapbook

While scrapbooking may seem like a hobby you pick up when you get older, it’s an incredibly unique and fulfilling exercise when it comes to studying all of your past photographs. But a scrapbook doesn’t necessarily have to be a physical book of pictures. Through the simple process of photo scanning, Modern Image gives you the opportunity to make your very own digital scrapbook that you can share with your friends and family. 

This digital scrapbook makes it easier and more accessible for others to take in your scrapbook and genuinely admire your photographs’ hidden gems.