Modern Image provides high quality document imaging services for a variety of industries. Our focus is on document imaging projects in Atlanta and the surrounding metro area. With you and your industry’s specific needs in mind, we will prepare a project proposal that will address your requirements and get your project started quickly and painlessly.

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We have experience working with companies in...

We have experience working with companies in medical/healthcare services, legal, financial, nonprofit, and insurance industries. Plus the skills and experience to deal with your sensitive documents and provide a solution that is custom designed for your needs.

Our process is simple. We meet with you first, to discuss the project in detail. We review your files, documents and existing archive (if you have one) and provide a free estimate for the task at hand. We can handle almost every different size and shape of document – from standard size formats to large-scale prints and drawings to books and most any other document size out there.

Modern Image’s strong industry reputation as Atlanta’s premier document imaging company has been built upon a foundation of exceeding customer expectations at every step in the process.