Document Scanning & Storage For Office Relocations

Going digital before an office relocation makes perfect sense. Whether you’re moving to expand or to get leaner, a document scanning project will help with a seamless move and better organization in the new space. Modern Image Atlanta can help with scanning and document imaging services for office relocations. Our offices are in Marietta, and we offer free pickup throughout Metro Atlanta.

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Reasons to Scan Documents Before an Office Relocation

Moving an office with boxes and file cabinets can be dreadful and disaster-prone. Modern Image Atlanta has the technology and experience necessary to do the job with cost efficiency, speed, and 100% accuracy. Here’s why Atlanta businesses planning an office move use our document imaging service:

  • Make better use of the square footage at your new office by replacing storage cabinets with digital files.
  • Prevent the loss of sensitive files and documentation during an office move.
  • Use the opportunity to bring your record keeping up to speed with a secure document management system.
  • Scan old hard copies so you can import the data to cloud storage.
  • Make it easier for employees to find information quickly, which saves labor costs and improves customer service speed.
  • Improve your risk outlook by scanning documents before an office relocation and for the long-term risk of flood, fire, human mistakes, and other incidents that can compromise paper files.

Atlanta Document Scanning Service for Office Relocations

At Modern Image Atlanta, we’re proud members of the National Association of Professional Organizers and experts at every aspect of document management systems. We listen to your needs and expectations, then work with you to develop a custom plan.

As a full-service document scanning service for office relocations, you can partner with us to handle these tasks and more:

  • In-person visit to learn your requirements and develop a free written estimate
  • We pack up your files or provide you the boxes
  • Boxes are tracked from end to end for safety and security during our document scanning and your office relocation
  • We handle document scanning for typical office files as well as photos, books, oversized documents, and more
  • We communicate with you at every step, including weekly status reports
  • Our staff handles the project in compliance with your industry regulations such as finance or medical records
  • We can implement a new document management system in M-Files or train your team how to do so
  • Finally, your old papers can be shredded or sent to your new office, with options for short or long-term storage until then.

Moving from downtown Atlanta to Cobb County? Planning an office relocation in the Perimeter area or out to Lawrenceville? Modern Image Atlanta helps small business, nonprofits, and enterprise organizations with document scanning solutions that reduce risk, protect valuable data, and help you enjoy a seamless move.

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