Secure Document Imaging

From natural disasters to black hat hackers, there’s a lot of risks out there for your data and documents. Convert your paper files to secure documents that you can safely back up, and you can worry less while enjoying safer, easier access to information.

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This is What We Do

Modern Image Atlanta specializes in secure document imaging to convert paper materials to protected file formats. We use the most rigorous safety protocol at every step of the way, with quality and security guaranteed.

When the time comes to digitize paper records with secure document imaging, contact Modern Image Atlanta for end-to-end safety and professionalism.

Share and Store Documents Securely and Conveniently

Secure document imaging takes your record system into the modern age. Get rid of the cumbersome file cabinets and stop worrying about accidentally deleted files. Secured documents can be encrypted, tracked, searchable, and stored in the cloud—and accessible by authorized users only.

Some of the endless benefits of secure document imaging include:

  • Book scanning can be used for photos, scrapbooks, and books. Using contactless scanning technology we can scan your memories, giving you a clear digital copy, all without having to make too much contact with your photos and books. This will help preserve images and book pages for years to come and give you a clearer scanned image.
  • When you make digital copies of your pages you can enjoy having access to your computer. We will sort and file your images as you have requested, giving you easy access and the ability to search out what you are looking for.
  • If you find that your books are taking up too much space, you may want to preserve the memories yet get rid of the clutter. Digital copies will last forever and you still have the ability to print out what you want at a later time, this allows you to dispose of the photos and books, clearing up space in your home or business.

Trusted Leaders in Secure Document Scanning

Modern Image Atlanta has the right people and resources to handle secure document imaging. All work is performed by in-house employees who are thoroughly background-checked and adhere to strict confidentiality and privacy agreements. Our technology includes the Kodak Alaris scanner and M-Files enterprise-level ECM software.

Think of us as a partner, not just a service provider. We listen to your needs, communicate regularly, and watch out for you at every step. After all, we know you need to trust the people handling your secure document imaging.

From start to finish, Modern Image Atlanta keeps your hard copies safe and turns them into the secure documents that you need.

  • Tracking: We give every box a tracking number before it leaves your office.
  • Chain of custody: We maintain a physical presence with your items at all times during transit.
  • Professional document imaging: Our trained and experienced staff meticulously handles the scanning process while using state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Optical character recognition and document indexing: OCR scanning makes documents searchable and accessible, quickly and without the need for more human eyes poring over your sensitive documents.
  • Secure document file types: Your documents will be turned into secure file types such as PDF, JPG, and TIFF.
  • Encryption and security layers: Depending on your needs and preferences, Modern Image Atlanta can add simple or extremely multi-layered security features including restricted printing and tracked access.
  • Document shredding: After creating the secure documents, we can shred the papers or return them to you.

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