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Whether you have boxes of photos sitting in storage, you love to scrap book, or you have books that you don’t want damaged while copying, book scanning services can help you get seamless copies without causing damage to the piece being copied.

Modern Image USA uses a contactless scanner to create mirror image copies of books. Our document scanning experts understand that your memories are precious and will work hard to make perfect copies without causing any damage to your photos or books.

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What are the Benefits of Book Scanning in Atlanta?

  • Book scanning can be used for photos, scrapbooks, and books. Using contactless scanning technology we can scan your memories, giving you a clear digital copy, all without having to make too much contact with your photos and books. This will help preserve images and book pages for years to come and give you a clearer scanned image.
  • When you make digital copies of your pages you can enjoy having access to your computer. We will sort and file your images as you have requested, giving you easy access and the ability to search out what you are looking for.
  • If you find that your books are taking up too much space, you may want to preserve the memories yet get rid of the clutter. Digital copies will last forever and you still have the ability to print out what you want at a later time, this allows you to dispose of the photos and books, clearing up space in your home or business.

Contactless Book Scanning in Atlanta

At Modern Image USA, we believe in providing the best scanning services, this is why we use the Fujitsu ScanSnap Contactless Scanner to scan all books. This scanner brings many advantages to our work, including the ability to minimize things such as wrinkles and scratches in images. The contactless scanner also has no trouble scanning thick books or magazines thanks to the fact that the book does not need to be squished or continuously adjusted during scanning.

Contactless scanners provide our book scanning expert with the ability to scan all types of books, photos, magazines, and scrapbooks, producing the clearest electronic files possible for you.

Book Digitization in Atlanta

Digitized books are nothing new. Digital libraries have become the popular method for checking out books. Once digitized, a book can be easily reproduced, read on screen, downloaded and shared, and distributed with ease. This makes the digitization of books a very popular idea, especially among the world of academia.

At Modern Image, USA, we specialize in digitizing your library. Our company has lead the industry in digitization of files, records, legal documents, and books since 2006.

Book Scanning Services Make Your Texts Available

Digitization of your library of information, especially for colleges and libraries, is vital in order to be relevant to this new era of education. The information held within your walls is not typically found in a county library, or even a bookseller. Providing access to the masses is important, and our book scanning services in Atlanta can do just that.

Book scanning services are just a part of what we offer the academic world. Documents of an historical nature, rare papers, periodicals, and scholarly articles should, without question, be digitized and preserved for future generations. Book scanning services from Modern Image USA will ensure preservation of these rare and valuable documents.

Preservation of Knowledge

For academic libraries, foundations, and archives of knowledge in any form, book scanning services are a must. Of course, these extraordinary and limited edition tomes cannot be handed over to just any scanning service. We use a contactless scanner, ensuring nothing will harm your books or documents. Modern Image, USA takes great care to ensure no damage will come to your property.

In this age of technology, it’s imprudent not to preserve your one-of-a-kind books and limited edition texts. By making these texts available to your students, and associates, you’re performing a service today and for many years to come. Contact Modern Image Atlanta for more information on how you can utilize our book scanning services in the Atlanta area.

We opened our doors in 2006, and ever since then we have built a reputation for producing high quality book scanning copies, helping to keep businesses and individuals organized. Our team has many years of experience on both large and small products and work hard to make sure you are getting exactly what you have requested.

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