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Electronic Document Management in Atlanta

Digital Document Storage & Management Systems

Technology has allowed for some wonderful changes in how you do business today. You can find out how to get where we need to be, simply by speaking it into a smart phone. Communication is instantaneous. Documents can be sent around the world at the touch of a button. When it comes to organization, electronic document management and imaging systems help your business go paperless in a safe and secure way.

The office, or data center of today is nothing like the somewhat-controlled chaos of years gone by. No more overstuffed file cabinets, stacks of important documents scattered about. You never need to hunt through dozens of files to access pertinent information. Your business data is always readily available.

Eliminate A Time-Consuming Task With Modern Image

Preparing your documents, invoices,customer information and the like for scanning and storage takes time, and takes away from the day-to-day running of your office, or business. Finding a trusted partner to handle the details of your electronic document management and imaging systems alleviates this time-consuming project and allows you and your associates to deal with business-at-hand.

Professional Document Management

Many businesses, non-profit groups, and even government agencies, trust their electronic document management and imaging systems to Modern Image. With Modern Image, you’ll never need to worry about the security of your documents. Throughout the process, be it document, or photo scanning or management systems, you will be kept apprised every step of the way.

Our team of document management engineers arrive at your location and secure your documents. At that time all of your paper data will be catalogued, boxed, and assigned a tracking number. When we’re finished with your electronic document management and imaging systems project, your hard copies will be returned to you, or shredded, according to your specifications.

Businesses, small and large, benefit in many ways by creating their own electronic library. Not only does electronic document management and imaging systems allow easy recall of the stored information, but you can share, distribute, edit and sort with ease. You’ll reclaim office space which was previously used to store documents, and information pertinent to your business, and your work area will appear more organized, a definite plus for job-performance.

Our Document Management System

At Modern Image, we provide industry leading enterprise information management solutions from M-Files. M-Files software helps enterprises find, share, and secure documents and information–even in highly regulated industries like healthcare, law, and finance.

Anything from customer records to expense reports to simple email management, M-Files and Modern Image together can bring you a robust, yet simple to use document storage and management solution.

To learn more about the M-Files document management system, visit their website at https://www.m-files.com/.

Document Management Services You Can Trust

When you need to organize your important papers and information for electronic storage, contact the professional document imaging team at Modern Image. We have an office in Marietta, GA to conveniently serve Atlanta and the surrounding metro area

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At Modern Image, we excel in good customer-ship. We listen to your individual needs as a company, and organize your documents, invoices, and client records in an easy and efficient manner. For your electronic document management and imaging systems needs, contact Modern Image today, and let’s get organized.